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Our Approach

Client's Key Values

  • The right candidate.
  • The speed of engaging the candidate.
  • The proven process.
  • The care of the new hire transition.

The Right Candidate

  • Guarantee quality.  DS "Partners Only" model ensures that every search is personally conducted by partners.
  • Focus and specialize.
  • Know the market-place.  Over 80 years accumulated experience in global firms holding senior general management positions in China/HK/Taiwan and Asia Pacific managing the region, countries, operations, sales teams, support teams, and function teams.
  • Customized search.  Strategies and plans are designed and executed for each search's specific requirements.  DS emphasizes on agreeing and defining the role, the relations, and the competencies required with our clients.  DS starts each search with clear and agreed requirements and strategies in mind.

The Speed

  • Fast coverage – based on the customized search strategy.
  • Comprehensive and updated proprietary database.
  • External search – networks of contacts and research.
  • Screening and selection of the qualified candidates – by Partners.
  • Fast market - requirement adjustment.
  • On-time work-in-progress review with client.
  • Real-time adjustment in search, when required.
  • Market and candidates feedback discussion.

The Proven Process


  • Understand industry dynamics and current client situation in the market place.
  • Develop position specification - discuss and agree with client regarding the scope, responsibilities, compensation, and reporting relationship of the position.
  • Define profile and competencies of the position.
  • Develop search strategy and execution plan.
  • Review strategy and search plan with client.

Identify and Review

  • Identify target sources using proprietary database, network of contacts, and research.
  • Prepare a long list of candidates and review candidate profiles with client.

Interviews and Selection

  • Contact, interview and qualify potential candidates.
  • Facilitate interviews with qualified candidates.
  • Obtain feedback from client and candidates.
  • Assist client to select final candidate.

Negotiation and Presentation of Offer

  • Conduct 360 degree reference check.
  • Final interview and negotiation.
  • Assist in structuring offer.

New Hire Transition

  • Consultancy and assistance in structuring offer.
  • Understand the client and candidate's issues and concerns.
  • Follow-through with client and the new hire to assure successful transition.
  • Discussion and feedback.